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Preparing for Your Job Interview

When someone who is actively searching for a job learns they are going to be interviewed, they now “begin to prepare in earnest.”  The goal is to learn as much as possible about the organization.


The power of the internet is that anyone can quickly find out lots of information.  From financial perspectives to “what people are saying about” an organization.  Social media such as LinkedIn provides an opportunity to contact people who have specific experience within the organization.  Information in the trade press reflects how the organization is perceived.  All this enables you to form a much more enlightened opinion.  It prepares you for the interview.

Armed with this information, you are now ready.  Don’t approach your interview by showing the people you are meeting with how much you know about their organization!  Rather, use this information as background knowledge and develop specific questions so you can learn more important things about the organization.  Is this an organization where you would be able to continue with your personal goals?  Does this role take advantage of your knowledge and skills?  Is the culture one where you would thrive – or at least succeed?  How much support will you have in your new role?  What are the expectations of the person in this role?

During the interview you are gathering information to answer these questions:

  • Will you succeed in the position
  • Will you thrive in the organization
  • Will you enjoy working with your fellow associates
  • Is this organization worthy of your time and efforts

Of course, the way the job market (or rather lack of jobs) has been for many, the most important question concerns getting a paycheck.  There is nothing wrong with that.  After all, the hierarchy of needs places self-preservation near the top.  If this is the case, throw out all the questions that lead to long-term success, and make something happen that you desperately need.  You must survive the present before you can think about the future.  There will be time for that later.

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How Are You Using Social Media?

Social media has impacted recruiting.  Most every organization uses it in some form or fashion.  The power of the internet, along with its mobility, provides everyone the ability to “publish.”  There is a tremendous amount of available information. 

Candidates are researching organizations before an interview.  Their preparation includes understanding what others are saying about the organization, as well as what the company is saying about itself.

Organizations are learning about candidates.

For most senior level roles, I expect the most valuable social media is LinkedIn.  Facebook has a great deal of value within certain industries, and at certain levels.  Twitter is becoming more relevant.   

How are you using this to find candidates for your organization; to screen candidates?  Do you investigate a search firm to better understand them before you meet? 

If you are actively searching for a job, which of the social media are you using?  How do you use it?  Which do you feel are most beneficial?

I’m certain there are a lot of effective ways that social media helps us all.  How about sharing yours so others can become more proficient?

From the responses received I will choose one or two, and give the contributors a couple of hours of Executive Coaching, helping them focus on whatever is important. No strings attached.  This offer is good for the next two weeks.  While it is not a coaching process, this type of laser coaching can get you started in the direction you want to move. 

If you are interested comment on the blog and also send me an email at lcs@shoemakersearch.com.

Spend a few minutes and let’s get a discussion going that can benefit all.