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How Are You Using Social Media?

Social media has impacted recruiting.  Most every organization uses it in some form or fashion.  The power of the internet, along with its mobility, provides everyone the ability to “publish.”  There is a tremendous amount of available information. 

Candidates are researching organizations before an interview.  Their preparation includes understanding what others are saying about the organization, as well as what the company is saying about itself.

Organizations are learning about candidates.

For most senior level roles, I expect the most valuable social media is LinkedIn.  Facebook has a great deal of value within certain industries, and at certain levels.  Twitter is becoming more relevant.   

How are you using this to find candidates for your organization; to screen candidates?  Do you investigate a search firm to better understand them before you meet? 

If you are actively searching for a job, which of the social media are you using?  How do you use it?  Which do you feel are most beneficial?

I’m certain there are a lot of effective ways that social media helps us all.  How about sharing yours so others can become more proficient?

From the responses received I will choose one or two, and give the contributors a couple of hours of Executive Coaching, helping them focus on whatever is important. No strings attached.  This offer is good for the next two weeks.  While it is not a coaching process, this type of laser coaching can get you started in the direction you want to move. 

If you are interested comment on the blog and also send me an email at lcs@shoemakersearch.com.

Spend a few minutes and let’s get a discussion going that can benefit all.

What is Your New Year’s Resolution?

This is the time that many of us choose to “begin again.”  Doing better professionally and personally is on the minds of most.  It’s easy to make resolutions.  But we all know how difficult it is to keep them.

Probably the most important resolution you could make is that 2013 will be the year that you will do those things that are essential to you – those things that meet your needs and make you the happiest.  It is easy to continue doing what others expect you to do.  If you are in an active job search, it is even easier.  Many think the perfect job is just around the corner.  But what if it isn’t?  Our economy and our business environment have changed.  Many of the skills and experiences that have been developed and honed are not that pertinent.  Compensation may not be at the same level.

My coaching career, although relatively short, has shown me the power someone gains when they understand what is really important, and then focus on attaining it.  Determine what is best for you.  Set your own goals, and work to attain them.  In fact, that is what most of my coaching is about.  Helping individuals do just that. 

You don’t have to have a professional coach to help you accomplish this as long as you have both the ability to look inward, and the discipline to follow what you want to do.  You do have to commit to accomplishing it, or this will be like most New Year’s Resolutions – broken before February.

I am willing to give a couple of hours of coaching, no strings attached, to one or two people who write me a brief email and tell me how they would like to use it.  This offer is good for the next week.  It is by no means a coaching process, but it may get you started in the direction you want to move.  It may help you change – that is if you really want to change.

If you are interested send me an email at lcs@shoemakersearch.com.